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A Meditation on Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City

download (11)When performing a meditation on the subject of auto body repair Salt Lake City the first step is to find a quiet place, sit up straight and clear your mind. It is helpful to close the eyes but this is not always necessary. After a few minutes of trying to quiet the mind you will probably find that your mind will begin to wander. When you become aware that your mind is wandering (thinking, remembering, picturing etc.) simply bring the mind back to its quiet center. It is important to do this without judgment because judgment is just another form of thought or the wandering mind.


Some forms of meditation requires the mind to focus on nothing in particular. Other types of meditation requires the mind to focus on a particular object or idea. This is used to anchor the mind and prevent it from wandering off on to other tangents. In this blog post I would like to discuss meditating on auto body repair and not just any version of auto body repair but the kind that happens to be located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This shall be our mental anchor.

Picture in your mind the auto body repair shop. Try to picture all the details of the shop down to the most minute level. Picture this shop located in Salt Lake City, Utah. When your mind inevitably wanders off onto another subject, simply bring it back to your area of focus. Again, do this without judgment. Do not chastise yourself for your mind wandering. Do not praise yourself for being able to keep your mind focusing. To do either is to fall into the trap of ego. This is the same thing as becoming identified with your thoughts which is not what meditation is about.