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Where to Find an Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City

imagesThere are many auto body repair Salt Lake City to choose from. So many in fact that it might be difficult to write a three paragraph blog post that can fully encapsulate the fullness of the choices available. For this reason the loyal Storage Unit Salt Lake City blog reader would do well to read between the lines when reading the words of this blog post and look for the hidden meaning. The chair is against the wall. Pay no attention to that last sentence unless you are the one to whom the message was intended (and you know who you are).


Yankee, Hotel, Foxtrot. To the Storage Unit Salt Lake City readers who are not international spies, the first sentence of this paragraph will have no meaning to you. And of course this is by design. It is a secret message after all. In fact I probably should not be bringing that fact to your attention. It might arouse your curiosity unnecessarily and tempt you to try to decipher the hidden meaning behind the words. Try if you must but I give you fair warning that the encryption goes so deep that even the most advanced and complicated artificial intelligence would not be able to solve this riddle.

And so, we find ourselves in paragraph three no more knowledgeable than we were before having read the first word of paragraph one. That too is by design. Hidden meanings are hidden for a reason and well hidden meanings remain hidden until found by those intended to find it. And sorry to say, if you have not found the meaning by this point then it probably was not intended for you to find. But do not feel bad. Just because the meaning is hidden from you does not mean that the substance of the message is fully adverse to your position.