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February is Water Damage Ogden Month

beachHappy water damage Ogden month to all the Storage Unit Salt Lake City Blog readers! I would like to take this opportunity to allow for a brief pause in your celebrations to offer you a specific piece of advice. And yes, this piece of advice has very much to do with the subject of water damage. The piece of advice of which I refer is that if your storage unit (located in Ogden presumably) has been constructed on a flood plane you should make sure that the owner and operator of the storage unit has a separate flood insurance policy.

Happy Water Damage Ogden Month!

The reason why a flood insurance policy is important is because most home owner’s or property insurance will not cover damage resulting from a flood. Damages of this sort typically require a separate flood insurance policy. The reasons for this are many. For one thing, floods are a little more difficult to predict than are other forms of damage which a regular home owner’s or property policy will cover. For another thing, the damage that is caused by flooding is typically more expensive to clean up and repair than is other types of damage that a normal property insurance policy will cover.

Now that the loyal readers of the Storage Unit Salt Lake City Blog are informed with this most helpful tip they may proceed with their celebrations. May this festive time of year be a season of joy for all of you who have made this blog the great success that it has become. Moreover, may peace and prosperity be the watchwords used to describe your existence for the foreseeable future. These times of celebration come only once a year and as such should be cherished as the respites from the toil and drudgery that is our lives for the rest of the year.