Storage Unit Salt Lake City

The One Hundred Year Flood

imagesThe intelligent and loyal readers of the Storage Unit Salt Lake blog know a thing or two about storage units incurring water damage Utah. They know this because the savvy renter of storage units is fully aware that storage units are not constructed upon the choicest real estate available. As such you might find them built upon a flood plain for example. For this reason it is not inconceivable that a storage unit could be inundated by the occasional one hundred year flood that the owner of the storage unit facility was banking on not happening during his tenure of ownership.

But even one hundred year floods have to happen every now and then. And even if the building codes require the storage units to be built on a foundation raised a few feet above flood grade, the Storage Unit Salt Lake readers know that a few feet will not protect the storage units from suffering water damage Utah when that one hundred year floor decides to make its appearance. And when it does make an appearance the storage unit renter better hope either he (or she) or the storage unit itself has flood insurance. This of course is never a sure bet.

Storage Unit Salt Lake blog readers (or Unites as they are sometimes called) know that the vast majority of property insurance policies do not cover damage incurred as the result of a flood. No, to protect property against flood damage a separate flood insurance policy is usually required. Many people do not know that this is the case and for this reason I have chosen to devote this column of the Storage Unit Salt Lake blog to this specific issue. Three hundred words seem barely enough to express the seriousness of the fact that water causes damage.