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The Essential Nature of Water Damage Bountiful

images (2)The editorial board of the Storage Unite Salt Lake City blog has tasked me with the very important assignment of getting to the bottom of the essential nature of water damage Bountiful in a clear and coherent manner. Not being one who would reject a challenge of this sort I readily accepted the challenge. But I must admit that below the surface of my alacrity I had my reservations. How can one truly get the bottom of the essential nature that is water damage, much less water damage that is located within the borders of Bountiful. Certainly at this point there is no use in retreat as I have already accepted the task and it is not in my nature to shirk my responsibilities.


So where do I stand in this metaphysical inquiry? Where do I begin? I have discussed on several occasion how the chemical properties of water can cause damage to various materials. I have elaborated on the subject of the open valances available on an oxygen atom and how that makes it better able to bond to other types of atoms. For example when the oxygen atom bonds with the iron atom it creates iron oxide or rust. The same corrosive process happens to wood although the chemistry is a bit more complicated.

But when we are talking about essential natures we are even trying to go a step deeper. This is the essence of metaphysics (and metachemistry?). Every object, indeed every concept is possessed of an essential nature as described by the Greek philosopher Plato. Accordingly, there is a treely essence to every tree for example. I suppose the natural question is whether there is an essence to water damage in the location of Bountiful?